Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 11: 12 Days of Christmas - For Travellers

When I'm in a hotel I'm always nervous to use their alarm clocks in case I set it wrong. Then I spend about 10 minutes trying to find the alarm clock function in my cell phone. A travel alarm clock would be nice to have. $24.99 at Barnes and Noble. My boss was just telling us how on her trip this week she forgot that her BlackBerry was set to PT and not ET so she almost missed her flight home! Maybe I should get her one for Christmas...

Go big: Franklin Covey laptop bag him $79.95 or her $129. Ok so that was WAY big!

Other ideas for travellers: travel candle $5.95, leather luggage tags $38 for set of 3, Fossil coin purse for all those coin Euros $30 Macy's, cross-body bag to avoid purse snatchers $18.95 Target, travel manicure set $8 Bath & Body works, passport holder $14.95 Barnes and Noble, mini wireless mouse $44.95 Best Buy, Logitech portable iPod speakers folds up into a convenient travel case $129.95, Quilted pink travel bags $45.99 set of 2 Target, travel train case for cosmetics $65 Fossil, men's accessory case $50 Fossil, leather travel jewlery case $39 Pottery Barn, lingerie bag $16 Anthropologie, shoe bags to keep your shoes from dirtying your clothes $16.99 set of 2 Target, shoe shine kit $17.95 Gifts for Professionals, and travel tie case $30 Amazon.

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