Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Candy!

You don't have to be a kid to get an Easter basket full of your favorite candy! Why not make up a basket for your spouse, best friend, sibling or favorite co-worker? No matter what their age I'm sure they'll appreciate it. I know my husband looks forward to his each year. (He is my substitute child until we have our own. At which point I'll have to keep up these holiday traditions for him as well otherwise he'll be very disappointed!)

Today I ran to Target during my lunch break and bought a basket from the dollar section and filled it with some of his (and mine!) favorite Easter sweets. We leave the basket out as the centerpiece of our dining room table so we can indulge anytime.

Don't forget some of these treats only come around once a year! Like Cadbury eggs and Hershey marshmellow eggs. And my very favorite...Lindt's Bugs and Bees! (Milk chocolate filled with creamy chocolate hazelnut cream and crispy rice.)

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