Friday, May 8, 2009

Crystal Cove Beach & State Park

Crystal Cove Beach is one of our very favorite beaches. It's a bit of a pain to get to (park across PCH and a long walk to the beach or pay $1 to take the bus down) but it is less crowded than most beaches and is always so pretty.

At the beach you can enjoy exploring the tidepools, go for a morning walk or just lay out and play in the water. At the State Park in the bluffs overlooking the beach you can take a nature walk, have a picnic lunch with a spectacular view or even bike the paved roads.

Parking is $10 at all of the Crystal Cove parking lots. Crystal Cove beach is located just south of Newport off of PCH.



Jeff and Robin said...

I love Crystal Cove. Jeff and I like to go there when we both have a Monday off. I actually applied to work for the park there but I couldn't start when they needed me to. Bummer. My office would have been one of those cottages overlooking the ocean. Fabulous.

MelliB said...

That would be such a fun job! We should go sometime this summer :)

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