Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Espress Yourself

I've been wanting a set of espresso cups for a while now. I was convinced that I was going to find the perfect set in Italy last spring, even passing over a lovely set in a shop in Colmar, France...because Italy had to have better choices right? Of course I did not find a set I liked in Italy (except for one that was $40 per cup/saucer which was out of the question). So I came back to the states wishing I had bought the set in France.

Then while Christmas shopping, I randomly found these at Macy's. $10 for 2 sets, perfect! (Not quite the same as bringing a set home from your once-in-a-lifetime European vacation but hey!) My husband bought me 6 sets for Christmas, such a sweetheart. Espresso anyone? I think I may have to make a coffee run this afternoon...

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