Friday, January 9, 2009

English Crown Scramble

It doesn't exactly sound like an entree does it? My girlfriend "K" made these English Crown Scrambles for a girl's breakfast she hosted on Saturday. They were so yummy! And I have to say Pepperidge Farm's photo (above) doesn't really do them justice visually. I can't wait for a reason to make them. I wouldn't have thought puff pastry and scrambled eggs were such a good combo...and the light cheese sauce was perfect, not too heavy. The presentation was really pretty as well, a perfect single serving. They would be great for any brunch occasion.

"K" you made such an amazing meal and your table setting was so pretty, I wish I had taken a pic of your table to post up! See Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry website for other great recipes including fun little desserts and appetizers.

1 comment:

Jeff and Robin said...

I agree! They were so delicious! I wanted another one for lunch by the time we left. Ha!

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