Friday, December 12, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

Ladies - you may want to forward this posting along to your husbands/boyfriends to give them some ideas! Ideas for Him coming tomorrow...
  • Gum, mints for purse
  • Seasonal candy, movie sized candy boxes
  • Trail mix, energy bars
  • Gourmet snacks
  • Specialty chocolates, small box of See's
  • Large peppermint stick
  • Tea bags in travel tin, tea infuser
  • Small coffee pouches
  • Gourmet hot cocoa
  • Lip balm, lip gloss, eye shadow
  • Purse sized hand lotion
  • Face mask
  • Hair clips, headbands
  • Nail polish, nail clippers, nail files
  • Tweezers
  • Travel mirror
  • Travel sized toiletries
  • Purfume
  • Luggage tag
  • Keychain
  • Watch
  • Sunglasses case
  • Earrings, bracelet, necklace
  • Tights
  • Socks
  • Scarf, mittens, beanie
  • Christmas ornament
  • Wine stopper
  • Small cooking tools: cookie cutters, measuring spoons, spatula, hand juicer, grapefruit spoons, cheese knives, spice grater
  • Small gardening tools: hand trowel, knee pad, flower seed packets, shears
  • Sewing notions: scissors, tape measure, seam ripper, thimble
  • Scrapbook supplies: pinking scissors, paper punches, brads, colored pens, rubber stamps
  • Trendy designed office supplies
  • $5-$15 gift cards: iTunes, Starbucks, Target, Golden Spoon, Pinkberry, Corner Bakery
  • Note cards, thank you cards, note pads, magnetic fridge pads
  • Scented tea light candles
  • Coin purse
  • Pocket calendar

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