Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Item of the Day

We started decorating for Christmas this weekend and I wanted to share my favorite new item: a remote control for Christmas tree lights! Our tree is in a corner where it is difficult to plug in the lights so I went to Target and found this remote control device for only $10. (I couldn't find it on Target.com so I found this version at Amazon so you could see what it looks like.) You plug the device into the wall, plug your Christmas lights into the device, and wha-la! lights turn off and on at the click of a remote control!


Rachel Shoemaker said...

that is awesome! we got a floor switch a few years ago and it is a life saver!

Kami said...

We have one too - they save us from the sap and needles (from crawling back under the tree to turn it on and off) every year!!

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