Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ghosts and Jack-O-Lanterns

Here's a festive alternative to sugary Halloween treats. Try making these scary fruits from Martha Stewart Living. I might give it a whirl if I can find Seckel pears and Lady apples...would be a charming party favor if you wrapped them in cellophane don't you think?

How To:
1. Melt 20 ounces white chocolate in a double boiler. Leave half untinted. To remainder, add 3 drops orange and 1 drop yellow gel-paste food coloring.
2. Holding stems, dip 10 Seckel pears in untinted chocolate and 10 Lady apples in orange chocolate. Refrigerate on a parchment-lined baking sheet until set, 20 minutes.
3. Microwave 4 ounces semisweet chocolate at 50 percent power, stirring, until melted but not hot. Transfer to a plastic bag, and snip off corner. Draw faces onto white-chocolate-dipped fruit; refrigerate until set, 10 minutes.
The treats are best eaten the day they're made.


Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

those are 2 cute i have to make them!!

The Fry's said...

Those are adorably cute!!! I would love to try something like that for fun... if only I knew people would eat them at church. Kids only want candy!

Thanks for sharing them!

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