Monday, June 1, 2009

Shopping Tip for your Spice Rack

Growing up, it used to drive me crazy trying to find the right spice jar in our kitchen drawer that was filled with random jars and tins of spices. The one I needed was always way in the back. Now I keep a rotating spice rack, like this one at Target, on my kitchen counter. All the spices I use regularly are right at my finger tips when I cook and I can easily see when I am running low on something. I have also found that it is much cheaper to buy in bulk or loose form and fill these (gloriously matching!) jars myself.

For example, yesterday I bought a bulk container of Paprika at Smart & Final for under $4 and it will fill my spice jar at least 5 times. If I had just bought the brand name spice jar at the grocery store, I would have paid at least $4 to fill it once.

Where to buy:
  • Bulk contatiners of spices you use most often (garlic powder, parsley, bay leaves, paprika) at Costco or Smart & Final

  • Loose spices at Henry's market cost just cents on the dollar versus grocery store jars (you bag and weigh your own spices)

  • Cello bags of spices found in the International section of your grocery store or at Cost Plus
Tip: Use a funnel to get your spices into the jar


Aaron said...

This is such good advice! I am scared of buying too much of a spice at once because it doesn't stay spicy, but I could do only the ones I use a lot. Makes sense.

MelliB said...

Aww thanks Aaron! And if you buy the loose spices that you bag yourself you can buy less than a jars worth and fill your jar up only part way.

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