Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend in Big Bear

We got to spend this past weekend in Big Bear with my husband's brother and his wife. The weather was perfect, in the high 70s, which was a nice treat as we left the scorching 90+ weather in Orange County. Our two favorite activities of the weekend: kayaking on Big Bear Lake and bike riding on the paved trail around the lake. My favorite meal: pasta from Paula's Pasta Mia, a quaint little Italian resturant in Blue Jay. What can I say...an Italian can never have too much good pasta!
Photo 1: Scenic view from the bike trail
Photo 2: Two of our bikes looking very picturesque
Photo 3: Honeybees hard at work, they asked me to post their picture on MelliB =)


Rachel Shoemaker said...

Great post! Hey your hubby told me you guys had a kayak! Naomi and I just bought one this summer... its a blow up but we like to take it in the harbor. We should go sometime!

Suzy said...

aww, I'm jealous, looks perfect, I'm glad you guys got to take a nice little break!

Suzy said...

ps. I just took a look at you etsy shop, and I love everything! Great Job! Can't wait to shop for jewelry!

aarontinaburke said...

Great Pics. Hope the four of you had a great time!

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